Designed by you, for you.

Feeling supported is about more than a good sports bra. That’s why YMO isn’t just clothes, it’s a community.

Your feedback guides the design of everything from the sizing to the pockets (yep, we went there). Because no one knows your life in motion better than you.

Sustainable as standard.

One thing we all have in common? Wanting to do our own thing, with minimal harm to the world around us. That’s why our collection is sustainably made using recycled or organic materials, in ethical factories that treat people and the planet well.

See through activewear isn’t a bad thing.

In fact, we’re proud to be a transparent company. Our mission is honest apparel, start to finish.

We partner with ethical factories to bring our collection to life. Our fabrics are made from organic and recycled materials. (Plastic bottles and fishing nets, to be crystal clear.)